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Somsubhra Chakraborty

IIT Kharagpur | Associate Professor
Ph.D., Louisiana State University, USA

About Me

Hi, I am Somsubhra. I am a researcher and currently serving as an associate professor at the Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, IIT Kharagpur. I am interested in developing novel optical and electrochemical soil sensors that use machine learning and deep learning to rapidly estimate soil properties, especially for resource-poor farmers. My Ph.D. research focused on applying hyperspectral point spectroscopy for the rapid estimation of petroleum contaminated soils in the United States. My current research interests are using portable soil sensors like PXRF and DRS for quick soil monitoring and mapping, digital soil mapping, soil image processing and subsequent modeling via deep learning, smartphone-based colorimetric device development, NIR image-based soil characterization, and sensor-based user-friendly android app development for soil testing and fertilizer recommendation. I welcome ambitious, sincere, and hard-working students to join our group for Ph.D.